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News Items: iPsyc Press Release, iPods for Physicians

Press Release Introduces Free Behavioral Health Video Library
iPods Find New Use In Primary Care Exam Rooms

MADISON, Wisconsin, September 05, 2007 [pdf version]

With time per patient shrinking in primary care and education needs growing, is introducing a solution to make the most of exam room wait time and enhance the quality of behavioral health education. The solution: brief videos for the iPod. is unveiling a free video library, optimized for use on iPods, covering a range of behavioral health topics such as weight loss, depression, parenting topics. The videos are produced by founders, Drs. Neftali Serrano and Hunter Hansen, who work as primary care psychologists.

"We first saw the need in our integrated practices where physicians and other practitioners were struggling to provide adequate education in short time frames," noted Dr. Serrano. "Plus we also saw that patients felt overloaded with education because it involved only one means of communication - the provider talking to the patient. So we thought video would be a perfect adjunct to standard methods of education. The question was how to make video more convenient?"

The answer came in the form of the ever-popular iPod produced by Apple, Inc. The portability and ease-of-use of the iPod made it an obvious candidate, replacing the need to move the patient to a patient education room, while also putting wait time to good use.

"The iPod is already finding a myriad of uses in medicine," said Dr. Hansen, "It makes sense that it be used in a way that is likely to attract the attention of patients."

The video library continues to grow on a monthly basis and includes Spanish-language versions for a subscription fee (English language videos are free). In addition to the videos, the site is developing patient handouts for behavioral health topics (covering mental health and behavior change issues), and also includes links to other sites that have patient education materials.

Press Contact:
Neftali Serrano
(608) 957-9840
(Images available for press at

AMA News Journal Reports On Uses of iPod For Physicians
Look no further for an excuse to purchase an iPod than the pages of the AMA news journal. A recent article notes the myriad of ways physicians are using iPods including CME, examining x-rays and improving stethescope skills. Of course, iPsyc podcasts are also an added plus.
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