[Contact Us] is looking for a limited set of advertising partners whose mission coincides with our mission of educating physicians and patients and enhancing the quality of healthcare delivery.


There are two main advertising vehicles partners can take advantage of:


Advertising Vehicles



Podcast Advertisements

Video: 20-30 second video-only ads filling the bottom 20% of video screen & a sponsorship acknowledgment (<5 seconds) at the end of the video

Flat rate: $5000 / 6 month agreement


Audio: 20 second audio ads at the end of audio podcasts only

Flat rate: $1000 / 6 month agreement

Website Advertisements

Embedded video ads: flash or quicktime-based ads with audio-on option (default is video off), 5-10 seconds in length

$30 per 1000 impressions is invested in creating a user-friendly, clean, and organized web experience for primary care providers and their patients. For that reason we seek to minimize the advertising on our pages, preferring to link with a few partners who are targeting the same audience.


We also are interested in protecting the confidence that primary care providers and patients have in the content on the site. For this reason we may turn down advertising that we feel is too intrusive, untruthful, or misleading, or partners whose mission runs contrary to ours. We are open to an exclusive relationship with an advertising partner.


Interested partners are expected to produce their own advertising which we will then incorporate in our products. For more information on a relationship with, Contact Us.


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